My mission is YOU

At The Intrepid Acupuncturist, my biggest concern is YOU, the healthcare provider. You are my passion and my concern; my motivation and my inspiration. You are the seawall defending your patients against the increasing disharmonies in our world. You are the meeting place of science and compassion, operating at the dynamic edge of detachment and involvement. I want you to love your work. I want you to feel peaceful and confident while you treat your patients. I want you to draw from a well of joy that nourishes you as you work hard for others. If I can help you build your strength, your trust in yourself, your trust in your medicine, and your regenerative abilities, you in turn will spread your caring to your patients, multiplying my efforts. 25 years of clinical experience has given me a deep understanding of patients, practitioners, clinical dynamics, and the business of acupuncture. The Intrepid Acupuncturist's mission is to serve the acupuncture community through live and online professional development courses to help clinicians make good choices and be happy at work.


Acupuncture should be fun, and we can be fearless.

Courses Include

The weird stuff about being a medical professional that's hard to ask about and hard to teach. Things like your clinical persona, boundary setting so you can enjoy your patients, and some concepts about insurance. Or maybe you want to step up your acupuncture, and need to tweak those skills. Stuff like that. Click a button below for more info.