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What happens if a patient comes in with a condition you've never heard of? Or something that wasn't covered at school and isn't in your reference books? What about the patient who has a rare disease with an ordinary injury? Or the patient who is seemingly ordinary but doesn't respond to any of your usual treatments? What happens when you need to take your acupuncture practice out of the known realms and into the unknown? Are you an acupuncture master? Can you craft brand new treatments for ailments the ancients never anticipated? Or do you hope one of our luminaries gets around to finding a treatment and presenting a seminar?

You can do creative acupuncture. You can devise innovative techniques for new and well-known conditions. You can learn to apply your acupuncture knowledge flexibly and creatively to treat any patient.

This class does not teach a bunch of new points or techniques. You are a licensed acupuncturist. You learned acupuncture at school, and you've treated a bunch of people. What this class does is start with what you already know, and teach you how to apply it to better understand your patient, their diagnosis, and create better treatments.

1. Learn to evaluate patients in a way that informs your acupuncture treatment. We should not use herbal assessment to select acupuncture points. We should use acupuncture assessment.

2. Learn how to use signs and symptoms to determine the effectiveness of points and monitor the progress of treatment.

3. Learn the most basic form of pulse diagnosis that anyone with sensation in their fingers can use, and how the pulse is crucial for establishing prognosis and effectiveness. 

4. Develop your specialized skills in looking and feeling for evaluation, including "spooky powers" like sensing qi and emotions.

5. Learn to think creatively, pay attention, and work hard at acupuncture so your patients get results right now.

6. Learn to break out of the box of point prescriptions, creating innovative, custom treatments for your patients. 

This seminar has a bit of lecture and some demonstration. But for most of it we will be slowing things down, way down, with lots of time in small group practice to explore acupoints, and really see acupuncture work right before our eyes. 

Enrollment is limited to 24 people to allow for sufficient instructor attention and feedback.

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Refund policy: Full refund minus 5% convenience fee available up to 8 days before class. 50% refund available within 7 days of class. California CE provider number 1503