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Concepts in Insurance

Confused about medical insurance? Not sure if you want to take it? Wondering if you need to? This class introduces you to concepts in health insurance and will help you decide if billing insurance is right for you.

$50, 3 PDAs, NCCAOM.

Don't Hate Your Patients

Do you sometimes hate your patients? Do you dread going to work, maybe just a little? Or a lot? This course will teach you to set and defend good boundaries in all areas of clinical practice so you can like your patients, like your job, and have more fun at work.

$85, 5 PDAs, NCCAOM

The Clinical Persona

Are you wondering if you're doing it right? Do feel like you can truly be yourself at work? Or are you trying to be someone you're not? Are you hiding who you are when you're with patients, and it feels bad? This course explores the concept of the clinical persona, or who we are when we are with patients. Recover your confidence, joy, and self! 

$85, 5 PDAs, NCCAOM

The Intrepid Acupuncturist

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